French ratatouille

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Our vegetables are cooked one after the other, then gently stewed together with garlic, basil and olive oil. This is the traditional recipe of fried eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and olive oil.

tomatoes*, zucchinis*, eggplants*, red bell peppers*, onions*, extra virgin cold-pressed sunfloZer oil*, unrefined sea salt, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil*, garlic*, oregano*, thyme*, basil*.

* organic ECOCERT FR-BIO-01

Calories: 128, Total fat: 8g, Saturated fat: 0.8g, Trans fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 460mg, Total cabohydrate: 9g, Fiber: 4.5g, Sugars: 6g, Protein: 3g, Calcium: na, Iron: na, Potassium: na.

Serve this ratatouille hot, with a grain or a grilled meat, or cold on crackers. Suggested drink: grape juice.

What makes us unique

Our kitchens are based in Revel, at the foot of the Black Mountain, in the Languedoc Regional Park.

This pure water is used in our recipes and also appears as steam during the cooking process, ensuring that our products are made as close to nature as possible.

All of our recipes are cooked with gentle steam (low-temperature cooking), without any additives, preservatives, thickeners, or other deceitful practices.

This cooking method allows us to preserve the texture, taste, and, most importantly, the nutritional qualities of the raw materials we use.


As a responsible company, we are committed to prioritizing glass jars for packaging and presenting our recipes.

This is a strong commitment that allows both recycling and a tangible representation of our high-quality cuisine, appreciating textures and colors.

Furthermore, we aim to support the glass industry by not implementing a deposit system, which also benefits the environment, supported by a controlled carbon footprint.